US Mail Tracking

Our proprietary US Mail Tracking systems have successfully tracked over 50 million pieces of direct mail advertising through the US mailstream online, in real time. That’s 50 million pieces followed across the country individually, like you do packages. Using our new proprietary system, coupled with the USPS’s new Intelligent Mail Barcodes, a business can finally track the progress of its mail campaign using its own customer ID or account number.

Some of our system’s more popular features are the interactive reports as each piece crosses the country. This has been the dream in direct mail for decades and it’s finally a reality! Bulk mail can now be tracked just like more expensive alternatives such as UPS and FedEx.

This innovation was built to add-on to our proprietary online project tracking system. We continue to redefine the mailing services industry! Now that our newest system has proven itself operational we truly have proven ourselves to be The Greatest Value in Direct Mail

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