USPS NCOA LetterWe just received final written confirmation from the US Postal Service that any mailing that has not had addresses move-updated will be charged a $0.07 per piece more.

Scan of letter here

The Deadline is January 4th, 2010.

Move Updating is the process of comparing your database to all the change-of-address forms on file with the US Postal Service.  This is done electronically by CSG Direct during the mailing process. However, we are not able to process it for you if you have not submitted the required PAF form to us.

We help our customers earn discounts all the way from .44 each down to .067 per piece. All Direct Mailers are now required to Move-Update their mailing list within 95 days of mailing to get these discounts.  We can help you with that process!

We’ve been an National Change of Address vendor for over 5 years now. These requirements have been coming for a long time now and they are finally upon us.

From the text of the letter: “On January 4th, 2010, we will treat both First-Class and Standard Mail to the same assessment for non-compliance. Both classes will be assessed a $0.07 per piece additional charge on pieces determined at acceptance to have an error rate above a 30% tolerance level, based on sampling.”

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