is Mocking Us placed a new ad this month that directly mocked us and our reporting system. To their credit, I thought this was hilarious. Here is the ad. I love all the nuances, actually. I love the mocking of our mapped reports as well as the dice and cards since we are in the gambling state of Nevada.

There are really very few players on the frontline of direct mail tracking and only two of us have time-tested tracking and reporting systems, so it is very obvious when they make fun of someone who they are talking about. They got their first taste of our product at the Chicago Graph Expo show this year when Postalsoft was showing our product at their booth as a developing add-on for Desktop Mailer software customers.
(we are Desktop Mailer distributors and users – great stuff!)

Now, has been around the longest – most of us know that. We are the young new team on the block that feels that this can be done better and cheaper.  I mean, they charge for their service and our services are often bundled in for free. They need you to pay on every mailing for their business model to work.

Their service better be darn good to compete with free.  How much do you want to pay?

The internet is revolutionizing industries – including our own. Within 5 years these services will be free everywhere you look, so we decided to start at free right now.  Why not lead the way?

So as their pay service becomes obsolete over time, we will probably hear a lot from Trackmymail as they try to convince everyone that they would be better off paying for their service as opposed to receiving free services. However, our entire industry is run and developed by data geeks like us here at CSG Direct, Inc.  Do they really think they can get us to pay for database work?

Our systems collect and display the data and YOU can export it and use it any way you like. That’s the age we live in and that is how our system works – you decide how much to pay.

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