“To Our Friends at:”

Did you know that we invented the tagline “To Our Friends” and “To Our Neighbors” for use on carrier route mailings. Back in the early 90s I was searching for a more marketing friendly slug-line for addressing to replace the old standard “Postal Customer”.

I started requesting approvals for some localized usage of alternate slug-lines. (The mailing industry calls a generic name line a “slug”.) Originally I started with “To Our Friends at:”. This was meant to read as “To our friends at 120 main street”. Over the years more and more mailers started copying the usage of these lines following our precedent.

The Domestic Mail Manual still doesn’t show these forms of addressing as acceptable, but over the last few decades so many people have duplicated our slug-lines that now they are widely accepted. (check with your local BMEU before using). The Postal Service still requires “Postal Customer”, “Resident” and “Box Holder”.  We must use “Box Holder” for all PO boxes still.

In the last decade I eliminated the “at:” because it didn’t feel like it was really read in sentence form. We abbreviated it to “To Our Friends” and “To Our Neighbors”. I also enjoy adding data to this for a neighborhood feel.  Try using “To our [City] friends”, for example.

Remember, though – you should always check with your local BMEU for acceptance.

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