US Mail Tracking

It has been over a year now since we designed our first tools for US Mail Tracking using the US Postal Services Confirm Services. The US Postal Service got the ball rolling with the new Intelligent Mail Barcodes and we ran with it to create some of the nations most innovative US Mail Tracking Tools to-date.

Today we launched a website that takes this innovation even further. is the launch of what will become the nations most publicly accessible US Mail Tracking tools in the nation.

At you can demo the live mapping tools that are incorporated into CSG Direct’s Direct Mail Portal for live project tracking. You can also directly track any Live tracking numbers that CSG Direct has assigned for your mailpieces.

Last but not least, We have also launched our 3rd and most impressive US Mail Tracking Widget.

With this US Mail Tracking widget you can have IMB based direct mail tracking embedded into any website in the country. This takes direct mail tracking to the next level.

If you would like US Mail Tracking embedded into your website or if you would like to be one of our additional beta sites just contact me and we can arrange it.

Casino Marketing, Bulk US Mail Tracking is making a difference

Well, the word is definitely spreading about the unique direct mail innovations coming out of Reno, Nevada.  Ironically, the US Postal Service is worried about record profit losses just when the final direct mail dream is realized with US Mail Tracking.

Our innovations on the cover of Casino City Vendors Guide:

We have really started making an impact on reducing the postage expenses of all our Casino Marketing customers.

No matter where your direct mail is processed you have to correctly time your direct mail delivery. For the rest of the country this is still just guessing and estimation, at CSG Direct we’re hitting bullseyes.

We’re about to roll out three new tools to add to these innovations. I’ll tell you about them as we get closer to release.

US Mail Tracking – aka Bulk Mail Tracking

Haven’t you always wished you could see inside the mail system and figure out where your mailpieces were?

Here’s where we hit the rocket boosters!

CSG Direct, Inc has America’s first public direct mail tracking system in the countryWHAT? you say.

This is a dream decades in the making and just another example of why we should be on your team. Isn’t this the kind of tool you need or deserve to do your job right?

This is a revolution! But it’s ready for you right now.

Our proprietary process converts USPS tracking gobbledeygook into very easily searchable reports using your very familiar customer account numbers. A revolution!

It’s called and is only available here at CSG Direct, Inc. (24/7 of course).

You’ve really got to see this in action to see the dream come to life.

Track Direct Mail Portal in Works

We are working feverishly to provide a direct mail tracking portal site sole and separate from the CSG Direct website. This will provide other mailers an opportunity to track direct mail.

Track Direct Mail Confirm system development

I’ll keep you up to date as we near completion but much of what we are doing there will remain secret until we roll out the program.  If you have ideas or suggestions on what you would like included, just contact me.

NCOALink Initiatives are Working

We are really starting to see the difference the NCOALink initiative was intended for. Each year we have seen 17-20% of the population move. Over 40% change their address annually. In the past we have dealt with returned mail and undeliverable piece percentages as high as 8-12+%. Because of this CSG Direct became a direct NCOALink limited service licensee years ago. This helped, but not as much as the USPS requiring NCOA services as of November of 2008.  Now people are taking it more seriously.

These high return rates are dropping dramatically with the new NCOA initiatives.

The US Postal Service says that Almost five out of every 100 mailpieces are UAA. When you look at UAA mail by reason, approximately 75 percent is caused by people moving. In addition, when you look at UAA mail by class, Standard Mail accounts for almost 63 percent of all UAA mail volume.”

So according to them you should be seeing an average of 5% undeliverable mailpieces.

This is the main reason why the USPS has pressed the NCOA initiatives and why we became the only NCOALink licensee in the state of Nevada.

The USPS delivered 202.7 BILLION pieces of mail in 2008. So just 5% of that is 10 billion pieces of undeliverable mail bouncing around in the system. They needed a way to eliminate that waste and the NCOA process is doing just that.  We are now seeing closer to 1% (or less) of all mailings being undeliverable with the NCOA process fully in place.  However, it is only required currently every 90 days and as we approach the 90 day cycle the mailings do tend to have higher returns.  Monthly or every-job requirements are bound to follow. An example of this requirement is the CASS process that was the predecessor of NCOALink.

In short, it will only get better, but it is only as good as the people that fill out the change of address forms.

Cup-more-than-half-full: At least with direct mail you know EXACTLY how many people did not get your message. With every other medium you will never know.  If I run a TV campaign I HOPE everyone sees it, I KNOW they don’t all see it, but I will never KNOW how many did.  Same with radio, print, billboards, E-mail, newspapers, etc.

Direct mail is responsible and accountable marketing. :)

Get More Information on NCOALink here at CSG Direct, Inc is Mocking Us placed a new ad this month that directly mocked us and our reporting system. To their credit, I thought this was hilarious. Here is the ad. I love all the nuances, actually. I love the mocking of our mapped reports as well as the dice and cards since we are in the gambling state of Nevada.

There are really very few players on the frontline of direct mail tracking and only two of us have time-tested tracking and reporting systems, so it is very obvious when they make fun of someone who they are talking about. They got their first taste of our product at the Chicago Graph Expo show this year when Postalsoft was showing our product at their booth as a developing add-on for Desktop Mailer software customers.
(we are Desktop Mailer distributors and users – great stuff!)

Now, has been around the longest – most of us know that. We are the young new team on the block that feels that this can be done better and cheaper.  I mean, they charge for their service and our services are often bundled in for free. They need you to pay on every mailing for their business model to work.

Their service better be darn good to compete with free.  How much do you want to pay?

The internet is revolutionizing industries – including our own. Within 5 years these services will be free everywhere you look, so we decided to start at free right now.  Why not lead the way?

So as their pay service becomes obsolete over time, we will probably hear a lot from Trackmymail as they try to convince everyone that they would be better off paying for their service as opposed to receiving free services. However, our entire industry is run and developed by data geeks like us here at CSG Direct, Inc.  Do they really think they can get us to pay for database work?

Our systems collect and display the data and YOU can export it and use it any way you like. That’s the age we live in and that is how our system works – you decide how much to pay.

So much Direct Mail Information to Cover

I really should have started this a year ago. So much has been happening that is HUGE.
I will cover as much of it as I can without sounding like I am talking about the past all of the time.  Here is a small list of stuff we’ve been powering through:

Americas First Public US Mail Tracking Systems

In 2008 US Mail Tracking for the masses became possible. We will be adding lots of tools for this in 2009 but let’s remember 2008 for this astounding innovation:

Track Direct Mail

US Mail Tracking is now Free with Every Mailing

You asked for it and at CSG Direct you get it. Now with every single mailing you do, First-Class or Standard mail postage; US Mail Tracking is included at no additional costs.

What that means to you is you can now lookup and track every mailpiece you send and see where it is in the Postal Service at any time, day or night, 24/7.  Just like Fedex and UPS!!

You see, this is such a new service that so very few people in the country have this opportunity to track bulk mail at all.  Those people that do are paying fees and going through 3rd-party vendors to come even close.  So, only CSG Direct customers get this NATIONWIDE!! Fortunately we process direct mail for customers all over the USA so everyone can try this.

Have you ever been told by a mailshop “It’s in the mail” only to get the feeling it really never was?  This is not possible at CSG Direct and we are probably the most accountable direct mailing services company in the country.  Track your print and mail project as it happens through our website, get an email notice as it goes to the Bulk Mail center, then track the pieces as they travel to your customers.

You deserve this kind of honest, hardworking and accountable Direct Marketing and it is only available at CSG Direct, Inc.

Call us for a print and mail quote 800-881-2150 x12 or use this direct mail quotes form.