Direct Mail for iPhone v1.2 Released

Direct Mail for iPhone v1.2 Released

After the launch of CSG Direct Mail for iPhone in April we received a lot of feedback about the features you crave most.  So we went back to the data lab and built them!! Pivoting around our US Mail Tracking datasets some really robust features were born.

iPhone      Customer Lookup

With the release of Version 1.2 we have added CUSTOMER LOOKUP.

This is a very unique feature where you can look up your own customers based on your own inhouse account numbers or player id’s.

Once you have found the client you are looking for you can see instantly which mailings you have sent him in the last 90 days.

Then select one of those mailings and you will see the actual piece tracking from our tracking system.

We display the dates times and locations of every time the US Postal Service processed your mailpiece anywhere in the country.

US Mail Tracking    Map

This is direct live feedback about the path that individual mailpiece took to get to your client with dates and times from each stop along the way.

I have never been so excited about ANY postal related service I have ever seen created in 20 years.

This is the evolution of mail.

Look Smart, be in control and have all your direct mail information at your fingertips. You are now prepared for those crazy questions you know you are going to be asked.

How many times have you been in a meeting and someone told you that somebody didn’t receive their mailpiece?   Plenty!

Now you can look them up without getting up.Direct Mail for  iPhone

This tool answers all those common daily questions you have never had answers to before.

Find CSG DIRECT MAIL in the iPhone app store and we have Android and Palm mobile versions as well.  Best of all, it’s free to our customers.

Consider switching to CSG Direct today, The Greatest Value in Direct Mail

Direct Mail Evolves on your iPhone or iPad

CSG Direct MailCSG Direct Mail continues to evolve direct mail into the service it was always meant to be.  At CSG, Direct Mail is responsive, accountable, trackable and now it is also completely mobile. CSG Direct Mail is now available in the iTunes App Store.iTunes App      Store

We put all our CSG Direct Mail Tracking tools on the iPhone. CSG Direct Mail for iPhone was released into the iTunes App Store May 7th 2010. You can now track every aspect of your direct mail projects with DIRECT MAIL by CSG Direct, Inc.

Track Your Projects:Live Project   Tracking
The #1 question in the direct mail industry is “Did my mailing going out”, so in 1999 CSG Direct built the very 1st direct mail project portal. Our portal has been modernized many times and new services continue to be added. Now available on your iPhone and iPad.

In our direct mail portal you have always had LIVE tracking of every project from start to finish. Then as each project is delivered to the post office you get an automated notice to let you know. You always know when it is expected to mail and what steps are left, Folding, Inserting, Addressing and more.  Every Step is tracked.  You get Live Access to all this information.

Track Your Individual Direct Mail Pieces:
That’s right!  Direct Mail has Evolved at CSG Direct, Inc.
After we complete your direct mailing and take your mailing to the US Postal Service, you can track the movement of your mail pieces en route to their individual destinations.

In 2008 and 2009 we invented a whole series of tools, widgets, maps and reports around the new Track Your   Direct Mail PiecesIMB barcodes and the USPS Confirm services in order to let our customers track individual mail pieces. This innovation was long overdue.

This was our DIRECT MAIL DREAM and we made it a reality!

These newest innovations are built on our proprietary Direct Mail Tracking Systems. Now available for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Now you can easily tell when pieces are arriving in-homes and have all your direct mail project information with you when you need it most.

Check on your projects in your marketing meetings when you are called on. No need to look things up after the meeting and look unprepared while in the meetings. Show people you run the direct mail and you have your fingers on the pulse at all times with CSG Direct Mail for your Smartphone.

With our US Mail Tracking innovations we have millions of records and we have lots of unique ways we plan to give you this data. I have goosebumps on what is still coming.  Get CSG Direct Mail for your iPhone so you don’t miss out on our next planned updates too.

We continue to redefine the Direct Mailing industry!
We are The Greatest Value in Direct Mail

(More Smartphones coming soon)