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Signing up for a free account on gonnahappen is as simple as 1,2,FREE,4! If you sign up today, add all the cheap upgrades to your account and you’ll receive free ad space! Load 5 events and get a FREE banner size of 120×90. Load 10 events and you get a FREE banner size of 400×75. These banners rotate spontaneously on our home page so you get even more coverage.

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The upgrades include a hosted image, reminders, tell a friend, a calendar network, an extended text feature and a forum. The normal upload form usually does the trick but in order to add some visual appeal and more information to your event use the upgrades to spice it up!

Our famous “Remind Me Later” service gives visitors the ability to set reminders to your event so they don’t forget to come.
This is one of the most active services on our site. The stats on how many people do set reminders are in your “myStuff” control panel stats. Aside from setting reminders for you events, your visitors can spread the word with the “Tell a Friend” service. This is very popular, common and effective word-of-mouth service.

Calendar-Network is a service that puts your events into our Calendar-Network. This means that your event will be in our Calendar-Tools all over the web. If someone had taken our calendar feature and embedded it into their website your event will go right along with it. The possibilities for exposure are limitless!


If you’re throwing a large event such as a Brew fest, Carnival, Car Show, etc. you might be interested in our Review Travel Package. All you need to do is send us four tickets to your public event.

Two of those tickets we give away on gonnahappen.com. Anywhere from 600-6000 people will hear about your event. The other two tickets are for our staff to attend the event. We take high quality photos; Twitter and Facebook while at the event and write a full blog review including permanent links from our site to yours.