Simplified Addressing for Businesses: Every Door Direct Mail

This year the US Post Office is offering an expansion of Simplified Addressing for businesses to mail saturation flat mailers within city routes. Previously, only government agencies could mail to city routes using the simplified ECRWSS format. The expectations from the postal service are that small businesses will be able to saturate their neighborhoods without the expense of data acquisition or addressing. This will work well if one has a broad demographic and a basic understanding of postal requirements for facing slips, entry procedures and protocol.

The down side for these businesses is that they will need to acquire a permit ($185) and pay the permit application fees ($185). If they are not a regular mailer, this is a major cost to absorb. They are also limited on how refined they can target their audience with a saturated mailer. For example: If a local insurance agent wishes to target RV owners, data is available for RV owners. To further refine the search…we may wish to target RV owners with modeled good credit ratings (much more desirable for insurance agents), or homeowners with RV’s – in an attempt to capture larger customer portfolios. The printing and mailing costs might be greatly reduced by only sending to the audience whom you wish to present to. By saturating the entire area – the same agent may lose focus of his intended audience due to responses from unqualified leads or less than prime targets. A personalized “one to one” mail-piece tailored to the individual will net greater response overall. We are talking about cost per response, NOT cost per piece. A mailing that costs the same, targets a more refined audience and triggers greater response is a much wiser investment for many marketers.

Simplified addressing works well for restaurants, ice cream shops, local service/repair shops, home maintenance businesses, etc. that might appeal to a vast majority of individuals within a route or neighborhood. Each business has a unique marketing need, and should have a well-planned and executed approach to meeting their budget and ROI requirements. Marketing is essential in these tough economic times, and intelligent marketing is the lifeblood of most any business. An experienced direct mail marketing partner who is familiar with the postal system and marketing trends is an investment that one should carefully consider. A marketing partner like CSG Direct.

The post office has also unveiled some great tools for establishing counts and finding routes and zip codes within given cities.

I hope you find peace in your mailing universe, and may your 2011 campaigns be successful.

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6 thoughts on “Simplified Addressing for Businesses: Every Door Direct Mail

  1. We love this program because it enables customers that would have never tried direct mail to take a test without significant risk.

    I hear that the mailing list companies are somewhat upset with the post office because it is pulling people away that would normally by walk sequence lists. I actually think that it is more work to do a weight counted EDDM job than running it through an addresser.

    I also hear that there is a national ad campaign that will be pushing this business program later this year.

    Did you guys hear that as well?


    • You are right about many of those things. I would rather donate the cost and inkjet than have people weighing and counting. It seems so “1986” as far as processing techniques go. The other unmentioned cost is that flats are more expensive to print. I personally prefer the exposure a flat gives us in the mailbox but they do cost much more than letter sized pieces.

      CSG Direct Mail

  2. This is true.Simplified addressing works well for small business groups.Simplified addressing fulfills the marketing needs of the business groups.

  3. This is another way for the USPS to rip off the mail list brokers who have over the years provided mailing lists for a nominal fee.

    We object to this program as it is taking money out of our business.

    We are a Saturation List company and this is how we generate our revenue.

    They should stick to delivering the mail.

  4. It cuts out “addressing services” too which is historically our biggest income before digital printing so I understand your point. But this type of mailing is only a small tiny percentage of what we do. It is just like simplified mailings have been for years.

  5. EDDM is the simple and cost effective way to post your mails.With EDDM businesses can send advertising mail without acquiring an address list or printing. So Its a best service for businessmen to expand their business.

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