Postage Rates are Increasing on May 11, 2009

A First-Class stamp will be 44 cents starting May 11, 2009. The US Postal Service has officially announced the postage rate increases for the 2009-2010 mailing season. First-Class Mail is going up 3.77% compared to 3.78% for standard mail (old 3rd-class). The Post Office has recently switched from doing large postage increases every 4 years to a smaller increase each year to keep up with costs and industry fluctuations.

For those mailers not using Intelligent Mail options, the price differential for First-Class Mail will be 0.3 cents. This means that those of us that have been using intelligent mail barcodes, as CSG Direct has, will be able to get lower postage rates for direct mail.  This may be the first squeeze of many to get mail shops in or out of the game, so to speak.

It is public knowledge now that CSG Direct has been using intelligent mail barcodes and that we invented America’s first public US Mail Tracking system. It is not the only thing needed to create the systems but it is a testament to how prepared we are for these new changes.

We will be publishing a shortlist of the new rates this week.  For reference here are the 2008-2009 postage rates, current until May.

Added 02-20-09 here are the 2009-2010 postage rates.

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