Our Direct Mail Story

From humble beginnings to one of the nation’s foremost innovators in direct mail tracking and data-driven direct mail, CSG Direct Mail has a unique story to tell.

Michael and Lorrie Hemphill

Michael and Lorrie Hemphill

In 1988 Michael Hemphill was working at TRW in the laser print department in Sacramento, California printing variable statements. The laser printing department was coupled with the microfiche re-imaging and direct mail departments. Michael’s experience got noticed by International Mailing Equipment in Sacramento and Michael was hired to be an equipment installer and trainer. International Mailing Equipment grew from 1,000 clients to 4,000 clients during Michael’s time there.

This was intensive training, I was factory trained on all kinds of equipment, became service manager and led our high tech initiatives in direct addressing, barcoding and database management” Michael says. This was the same time the U.S. Postal Service introduced the postnet barcode and Michael was one of the leaders on the West Coast in training his technicians and those 3000 new customers on using postnet barcodes to get postal discounts.

Michael helped companies like Sprint, MCI, Pac Bell, Blue Cross Blue Shield and the California and Nevada State Mailrooms get into automation.  “I have worked in over a thousand mailrooms installing equipment and training employees,” Michael recalls.


Michael moved to Nevada to work with the State of Nevada Mailroom among others and help Nevada casinos take advantage of some of the leading edge database management software available for direct mail. He also became a partner in a local direct mail company. Casinos took notice right away of Michael’s experience and leadership. Several casinos reported response increases up to 30% over traditional responses rates after implementing Michael’s suggestions. “Eventually pallets of materials started showing up in my driveway at my house and they persuaded us to start our own mailshop“.

CSG Direct Mail was born in 1996 and has expanded 10 times since 2005 to the 50,000 square foot Reno-Tahoe facility we are in today. We are fortunate to have worked with thousands of new clients since then. Companies like Raleys, Scolari’s, Silver Legacy, MGM, Facebook, Wells Fargo, Harrah’s Entertainment, Tropicana Entertainment, Atlantis Hotel Casino, Peppermill, Eldorado Hotel Casino, Terribles, Stations Casinos and many others have found success with CSG Direct Mail.

CSG Direct Mail is a Service Company,” Michael proclaims, “It’s ALL about service“. This super-service ideology led CSG Direct Mail to expand and open a Las Vegas plant in 2011 to offer greater service to all our clients in Vegas, Los Angeles and Arizona.

Michael’s knowledge of the “tip of the spear” applications and needs in the direct mail industry has helped CSG Direct Mail create many of the industry’s newest services. His experience with postal barcodes also led to the creation of our revolutionary direct mail tracking systems.

  • America’s 1st LIVE direct mail job tracking portal – 1999
  • gonnahappen.com – an event marketing site – 2003
  • CSG Bonus Bucks automated direct mail rewards program – 2006
  • America’s 1st LIVE U.S. Mail piece tracking systems – 2008
  • iTunes 1st iPhone/iPad Direct Mail tracking application – 2010
  • Variable Mapping for Direct Mail with QR Codes and CSGurls – 2011

With over 2 decades in personalized variable data and one of the largest digital print teams in Nevada, CSG Direct Mail will continue to provide leading edge services that bring greater results to our clients. With over 25 team members having attained certification by the U.S. Postal Service, CSG Direct Mail is one of the friendliest, yet most experienced direct marketing teams in the industry.

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