New Intelligent Mail Barcode Requirements

Direct Mailing ManThe US Postal Service has come down with some new deadlines for full implementation of Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMB).

Full Text Here:

They seem to be putting a huge emphasis on packages, however mailpieces references are sprinkled into all the text as well.

” On January 7, 2013, the Postal Service finalizes the implementation of this final rule by requiring an Intelligent Mail package barcode (IMpb) for all commercial mailpieces that include a tracking or extra service barcode …” seems to refer to all customers using 2 barcodes currently which apply to people using postnet barcodes and planet codes combined. (quit laughing, some people still do this, lol)

We of course have been using these barcodes and developing¬† new programs around these new barcodes since 2008. It’s nice to see that they are finally asking the rest of the country to step up the plate or get out of the game.

The first deadline is January 2012 with some limited flexibility until July 2012, Then again January 2013 with flexibility until July 2013.  A weak roll-out but they are going to get to embrace their cool new features even if they have to drag all the rest of the public forward.

4 thoughts on “New Intelligent Mail Barcode Requirements

  1. What does this mean for people doing direct marketing? Will we have to take additional steps before we mail our postcards after the deadline? Is it going to make it harder to mail stuff?

    • I’d have to say that it is one of the most cumbersome new steps the US Postal Service has installed. For those of us that have entered the technology early we have had to spend a lot of time developing new internal systems and have had to deal with the US Postal Service while they develop theirs. However I anticipate that like all other past phases it will all be seamless for everyone eventually. It is seamless for us now though : )

      “Mailing companies” like us will have a much easier time than traditional “printing companies”.

  2. I agree with mailman. Early implementation is the key to everything. We can’t sit around hoping the day will never come. Yes, it means spending more money, but you can’t benefit from all opportunities available from a change in regulations if you don’t accept and embrace it. It also means our jobs keep changing. It’s never boring! Staying in tune and current keeps our positions in the mailing world alive.

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