Modern Casino Direct Mail Personalization Workshops

CSG Direct Mail CEO, Michael Hemphill; is teaching modern casino direct mail personalization workshops at Raving’s 14th Indian Gaming National Marketing Conference January 30th – February 1st, 2012.

Modern Casino Direct Mail PersonalizationLearn modern personalization secrets from a variable data casino industry veteran. Learn how to create much higher response casino direct mail programs.

Michael Hemphill leads a hands-on variable data printing casino direct mail workshop at Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa,
in Rancho Mirage, CA.

Learn modern Casino Direct Mail personalization secrets at the 14th Annual Indian Gaming National Marketing Conference. Variable printing pro Michael Hemphill will show you how to make an offer more appealing to each guest individually creating a much higher response program.

Michael Hemphill brings decades of experience in results driven casino direct mail marketing to teach how to use available data to personalize the guests’ perception of a casino.

Learn the secrets to high response modern casino direct mail marketing.

Participants in this hands-on workshop will brainstorm creative opportunities for personalizing their direct mail, email and text message communications driven by data available to them through their player tracking systems.

By the end of this one-hour session, attendees will have learned easy, medium and difficult variables in personalization that can increase direct mail responses in their current campaigns and drive more bang for their marketing buck. They will learn how to easily be more relevant to your guests’ specific tastes and purchasing style.

If you don’t know enough about them to truly personalize and get better results, you can append tons of additional consumer data from known purchase data. You can personalize your direct marketing using all kinds of personal interest information, home and family structure, gaming preferences, shopping habits and wealth.

Variable direct mail marketing is one of the most powerful mediums of our times. However, most people who sell this to their clients aren’t really doing variable printing. Mail merge and fancy fonts is not variable personalized printing.

The largest benefit from modern personalization (besides higher response rates) is that each person in your database feels like your property is their favorite venue. It appears that your product is exactly what they are looking for. Every player gets a unique experience that feels most comfortable to them and you get a greater share of their annual gaming budget.

CSG Direct Mail has over two decades in variable data printing, casino direct mail, variable direct mail maps, US Mail Tracking, randomization, personalized emails, personalized websites, QR codes and much more.

For more information about the conference call Raving Consulting at 775-329-7864.
To learn more about casino direct mail visit the CSG direct mail website.

13 thoughts on “Modern Casino Direct Mail Personalization Workshops

  1. Great point. Variable printing is so much more complex than people believe and the possibilities really are only limited to our imaginations. It’s great to know someone will be representing the potential uses for Casino Direct Mail. See you in California Mr. Hemphill!

  2. Anyone who’s ever worked with Michael and his team knows the benefits of Variable printing. If anyone can help you with your marketing campaign it’s Michael Hemphill. Go to this workshop, you can’t afford to miss it!

  3. It’s really interesting to me as a graphic designer that variable data printing can do so much. I’ve never really payed that much attention to it until now. Normally I would just make something, sent it out to print and have it delivered. You learn a thing or two when you actually walk through the process. This workshop sounds like it would step up my game not only professionally but also aesthetically as a graphic communicator.

    In general I don’t think graphic designers think about this that much and I recommend the article to anyone who wants to step up their game in the marketing world.

  4. One size can not fit all when it comes to true personlization. Since the advent of player tracking and the endless ability of laser variable printing a true personalized conversation can exist. Casinos can now take their message to the next level by projecting the property as taylored to that individual’s activities and gambling habits.

  5. Exactly.
    ‘Ideally, what Modern Personalization should aim for, specifically with regards to Casino Properties (because higher response rates alone isn’t enough), is that each person in your property’s database feels like you are exactly what they are looking for. It shouldn’t feel like telemarketing at all.
    When every person gets a unique experience that appeals DIRECTLY to what they enjoy doing, the reward and the result is the property gets a greater share of the person’s gaming budget.’

    There aren’t many companies that hold to this ideal. There’s only one I know of with the word DIRECT in the name that reaps results and rewards.

  6. Michael really helped me understand the importance of variable printing and how to pin point certain events to certain players. This will surely help any casino maximize their response rates!!

  7. You know what’s interesting to me?
    We live in an age where most people automatically:

    +Mute the TV commercials
    +Throw away the junk mail
    +Don’t read e-mail from people we don’t know

    And through the niche of Direct Mail, CSG still manages to get the message through and stay afloat in this economic climate. That, alone, is a reason to go to this thing.

  8. Hey Jeffrey Rosen, were guest presenters at this event but we do this in person for smaller groups and other events too. Let me know if you cant make it to the event.

  9. We all need all the tools available to help us stand out in an ever-more-competitive business environment. Keeping up with the latest advancements in any kind of technology affecting ALL mediums is essential. Everyone is marketing should be informed about what is happening in variable print.

  10. When I first started doing Direct Mail campaigns, I had no idea what variable print really meant. To me it meant “personalizing” as in just using a person’s first name in a mail piece. When I met Michael Hemphill, I learned the true meaning of “Variable Print”. I have never met anyone as passionate about Direct Mail and the options that variable print brings to my client’s mailings. The fact that you can offer many different coupons or promotions within one mailing, with each mail piece tailored to each individual person is amazing. I am thrilled to be going to this conference and wish I could take my whole staff with me!

  11. It’s amazing with a bit of extra work up front to create a truly personalized mail piece, how much of a better response one can get from the mailing/campaign.

    People who attend this workshop will really get a better grasp of what personalization is.

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