Mailing Services for Database Marketing

If you are researching direct mail vendors on, what you really need to ask is:
The direct mail industry is full of “so-so” companies that struggle every day with new barcodes, new postage, new technology and changing regulations.

PLUS, what about the results you want from your direct marketing investment?

At CSG Direct, we have a long history in direct mail as direct mail trainers, mailroom managers, database marketing managers and mailroom equipment operators and technicians. We know you aren’t dabbling in direct mail and neither are we. We have one of the friendliest but most experienced teams in the direct mail business.

    America’s First Live Job Tracking System in Direct Mail – 1999 

    America’s First public bulk mailpiece tracking systems – 2008  (reuters)(Yahoo News)

    25 USPS Certified Employees working on all aspects of your projects

    Direct NCOALink® Limited Service Licensee with the US Postal Service® (

    Our prowess in database-driven everything

    Providing some of the Greatest Value in Direct Mail – Bonus Bucks, free advertising, great pricing and more…

We live and breathe direct mail strategy and results! In my experience, if you go with the cheapest bid in direct mail you are likely better to have not mailed at all. The road to direct mail success is littered with the bones of people who thought they tried direct mail only to fail because they thought they we’re saving a few bucks.

You are here today because you need results – so don’t click away. We promise you the Greatest Value in Direct Mail right here! We have the testimonials, the skills and experience; you have a project. Let’s get to work!

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