Happy New Year!

As 2009 begins many of you may find yourselves concerned about your future. Not me!

We must remember that we live in a cyclical economy. As businesses and industries die, new ones are born. Some of these new industries being born are just that – babies. Each day as they grow and mature they will need employees, marketing, equipment, computers, trucks and everything else a growing industry needs.

Are you prepared for these new opportunities?

The real crime would be for us to prop up the dying industries, suppressing the growth of the new ones along the way. Newspapers and radio are dying; the old car ways are dying; brick and mortar retail is dying.  We all knew that the internet was going to do this.

What if I told you there were three new car manufacturers selling zero-emission cars that are getting their asses kicked by GM?  They need GM’s customers, GM’s employees, GM’s plants – everything.  Would you prop up GM or help these new guys? What would 10 billion dollars do for these small companies? It would be a technical revolution and just the change we need on the roads!  But instead we are going to slap these new companies in the face by giving money to their dying competitors.

The more we hold onto the old dying industries the more we are going to prolong the pain.

~ Embrace the Change ~ Learn New Skills ~ Kiss a Baby ~

Happy New Year!

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