GREAT MAILING LISTS: The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly

Mailing ListsThere are 3 types of mailing lists:  Consumer, Business, and Specialty.

Consumer Mailing List: People at home
This is the most accurate lists available due to electronic payments, website purchasing, magazines and more. Occupation codes can be obtained to find peoples job types such as: farmer, legal profession, medical, religious, educator, etc. But HR is not an option. If it was it would be to their homes and we would not know where they work.

Business Mailing List: About the Businesses
This list tends to be very inaccurate due to the high business closure rate (businesses with less than 20 employees have a 37% survival rate) and the methods they use to collect data are passive (Dunn and Bradstreet bites). When businesses close they never tell anyone besides creditors so most business mailing lists have large amounts of inaccurate data and dead mailboxes in them.

Business Lists contain data like:
• Number of employees
• Gross sales
• Years in business
• Facility square footage
(Much of this is estimated)
They do not have employees names or titles except perhaps that they are president/ceo or shareholders.

Specialty Mailing Lists: Built by groups, clubs, memberships and subscriptions
AMA, AAF, Chamber of Commerce, HR Clubs, all have mailing lists which they build manually or through membership or subscription. Only active members are considered accurate data after much experience. These lists are usually regional or local and protected by the group as the heart of their organization.

We usually don’t pursue each of these lists because they require months to get the right person and then to get higher ups to approve the sale or rental of their lists. These lists are usually 50% inaccurate too since they don’t have aggressive list updating policies.

There is just not a good national source of Consumers IN Businesses combined. There is only 3 ways to get someones name and title at the business they work at.

1) Business reports it’s employees names and titles to mailing list compilers regularly
(nobody does this)
2) Employee signs up for something for work like AAF, AMA, facebook or magazines
(inconsistent / unreliable / hard to get / protected)
3) Direct phone calls to identify best contacts for departments
(our best recommendation for HR)

There are vendors that sell HR Mailing lists but we have seen enough. These inadequate companies that we cannot endorse unless we know how they compile & update their lists. That research would cost much more than what we proposed and guaranteed less accurate and more expensive overall.

We want you to be successful and that is how we decide what we recommend for you! Your success is how we gauge our success.

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