Direct Mail Statistics – What I’m thankful for in 2009

We’ll It looks like we are going to make it out of 2009 alive, Direct-Mail Experiencekicking and screaming. From a mountaintop I want to yell out to the world that we made it.  I have been in direct mail since about 1987 so to say that 2009 was the most interesting year for me is not to be taken lightly.

The economic downturn of 2009 was like a sucker punch to the entire business world so we were by no means alone. But after a record growth in 2008 it was a much sharper decline for us since our eyes were completely in investment mode at the time.

I feel Thankful and blessed for the whole experience but I’ll get to that shortly.

You see we have a very unique direct mail business that has grown very rapidly due to our very distinct skillsets and driving passion.  Not only do we have 6-10 very unique service offerings for our industry but we also just invented some of the first US Mail Tracking Systems in 2008 for Bulk Mail in America.

Between our new systems and our almost legendary variable data print driven database marketing; we have been booming for the last decade.  We truly thought we were invincible.

We’ll as  I said in the opener, I am just happy to have survived this year. We are much more grounded thanks to the 2009.

That is a blessing actually! We have always been humble hardworking servants to our clients and smiled every day that a client gave us a goal or a technical challenge for us to beat and shine for them. We really have been thrown back to our roots this year.  This is a very big blessing.

Actually I think that is the most interesting part of our entire business struggle and economic transition in 2009.  Like a Laser we were forced to cut every wasted marketing dollar and every non-productive personnel. We were forced to decide what was working for us and our customers and what was pride and indulgence.

We were forced into becoming one of the most productive and cost effective muscle-bound bull dog, strong, tight, lean and fast companies we could ever hope to be. Our marketing has never been so dollar-wise and never has it been this effective either.

For this I am so very truly thankful.

So what’s next?Mailing Services

I have to tell you I still have so many ideas and plans for 2010. My first and foremost goal is to show my employees and my customers how much we appreciate them.  Not by giving free money and 12 months off; but by showing them I see their hard work and give raises to those that have proven they are truly part of my core team. A Blessing like this is to be shared. (wwjd).

I want to continue to invest in them as they have invested in “us”.

Sure, I have equipment I want to buy and people I would like to hire for growth but that is not the most important thing.  The most important thing to do is help my customers and employees reach their personal goals and help them get back on their feet. We have stopped the losses that plagued us in 2009. Now, our growth strategy is to invest in our teams and our customers.

If any of you reading this need help with your direct mail project to help get that extra bang or response; just let me know.  Do you need someone to help you sponsor an event or an event mailer?  Let me know!  If you need someone to help you work your special event to keep your costs down…  Let me know!

We are all here to help with every ounce of effort we can provide.
YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS and I live to prove that 365 days per year.

Direct-Mail Awards

I’m writing this under the headline “Direct Mail Statistics” because I do think this represents a slice of statistics for us all in the direct mail field in 2009.

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