Direct Mail Project Tracking Online 24/7

CSG Direct has been the pioneer in online transparency for your mailings. How many times have you called to see if your mailing went out and you just knew they were stretching the truth?

Well, if you do a great job and can handle the rigors of the tight deadlines and high quality demands of the gaming industry, then why not put it all online where customers can see every step and track every detail of their project?

This is a prime example of why some mailshops will be closing. It is 2009 already.  Websites are not new.  Why is it that mailshops all over the country have not adopted this idea? Heck, we’re the data genius industry, right?  I wonder.

We have had live access for our customers since 1999.
We pioneered this idea and we haven’t stopped there.

Unfortunately, it is going to take many vendors over 10 years to catch up with all the new stuff we have coming out. Our pricing is already very competitive and we are creating the new business model – not following it.

This is all part of the industry rebirth I have been mentioning.

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