Casino Direct Mail Creates Success in a Down Economy

You might say that there are many types of casinos out there. Hotel resorts, casino hotels, casino resorts, hometown casinos, horse tracks, cruise lines, grocery stores, local bars, etc.  I say there are only TWO types of casinos: those that say they market their property and those that really direct mail market like a frontline marketer would.

You see it in every gambling town across the country. There will be the handful of casinos that dig in and database market hard and often in deep segments and all the rest that only dabble in database marketing and barely squeak by or slowly decline over time.

I know of many casinos right now that are practically keeping the whole town’s economy afloat with proper direct mail marketing.  I also know of towns that are dying because no one wants to “budget” for direct mail.

All too commonly casino staff experienced in direct mail get let go in order to save money. Inevitably the property begins to suffer from quarter after quarter of these cost cutting measures. They may slowly choke the casino to death or to marginalism.

But if you get behind the scenes at a flourishing casino you will see a well-oiled machine of database marketers, graphic artists, results analysts and special events coordinators led by an experienced marketing director.  This team is the most valuable team in a casino and they drive 80% of hotel nights booked month after month.

Many of the other casinos fall prey to the thousands of television, radio and print ad reps that knock on their door daily and offer package after package of broadcast media. Add to that the hundreds of advertising agency reps that call on them to offer them the exact same media options with some add-ons and markups.  (Some have great value, don’t get me wrong).

But, at the end of the day, all other media are merely additions to your budget to augment your direct marketing, not the other way around!

If direct mail has been proven to fill 80% of your occupancy, why would you spend 80% of your budget on billboards, radio and television?

I’ll tell you why. It feels simpler to manage.

You shoot a quick spot or design a quick ad and, based on what the sales rep tells you, it reaches XXXX number of people.  Then you feel good.  Blanket marketing – unfocused and simple – feels good.  But, as everyone knows, it shows very few measurable results.

Direct mail on the other hand can be more complicated if you don’t use someone like CSG Direct. Direct mail takes analysis, testing, tiers, segmenting, tracking, events, redemptions, planning and implementing. But that is what it takes to market a casino.

That’s the whole reason you built a players club!

Don’t be overwhelmed! CSG Direct has mailed over 200 million casino direct mail pieces and has all the tools you need for direct marketing your casino. We are industry innovators and some of the easiest people to work with.

At same time, we are deeply skilled professionals. CSG Direct has over 25 individual employees Mailpiece Quality Control certified by the US Postal Service and we created America’s first public bulk mail tracking systems.

This doesn’t have to be difficult. You should make it your goal to sit down and make a serious direct mail plan for 2009.  Call us and we can show you how to both save a fortune and make a profit with direct mail marketing.

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