A calendar with YOUR events on it. All over the web!

How much would you pay to advertise your special events on someone else’s website?  How about hundreds of websites where people are looking very specifically for events to attend?

 Special offer code: GH09BLG to do it for free! Priceless!

Well, that is how gonnahappen.com works. gonnahappen.com has become a national calendar of events, but listing your event with them is just the beginning. gonnahappen.com also provides calendar embeds for websites where your events will show up all over the web .

 gonnahappen.com active event areas:Calendar Users

So as the event season nears, gonnahappen.com has allowed us to give you this SPECIAL OFFER CODE: GH09BLG to add your events for free. This will give your events the extra exposure you desire and offer more events for your visitors to enjoy.  Win-win.

Additionally, I mentioned the calendar embeds. If you need an events calendar for your website you can grab one of these while you are there.  Show all events, just your events, or even private events that you have posted on gonnahappen.com.  They work with Myspace, Facebook and standard websites too.

Just a couple of notes:

1) We noticed the site works best in Internet Explorer but we’re told some Firefox updates are planned.

2) Some people forget to upload their image. You cannot do it after the fact so if you forget to do this, delete the event and re-add it with your image included.

After you add your event you can log back into MyStuff and see your event stats, how many reminders have been set and your event views.

They said “add as many events as you like this year”, so the special offer code is good for all of 2009.  You enter it at checkout.

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