Database Artists

The print and mail industries have merged in the last decade creating a lot of “full service” vendors.  However, if you peeled away the layers of marketing you would discover there are really 2 types of vendors in the industry.  There are “printers that mail” and “mailers that print”.  CSG Direct Mail is a “Mailer” at heart and a “printer” second.

We print some amazing projects on some crazy materials at record speed. But we are also building some beautiful databases that drive some amazing projects and recording details from all interactions with a campaign.  We really are database artists.

Putting ink on paper is the easy part. Printers have been doing it for hundreds of years and since we are primarily a digital printer it is a fairly simple task. Printers struggle with the part of the business we like most, database driven everything.  This helps us excel in the difficult world of high tech delivery systems, barcodes, tracking, personalized printing and US Postal Service regulations.

If you’re doing direct mail projects you want a “mailer that prints” like CSG Direct Mail.




Being a database driven company keeps us on the bleeding edge of the newest direct marketing systems. That is where the greatest results are coming from and we live and breathe in this category for you.

We make it all seem simple and seamless so you can enjoy better results fast without sweating details.


Are you pulling a list of names that meet a criterion or are you mining your data to find customer patterns and create new categories of customers you can market too?  When you live inside database and do personalized printing you think differently than someone that just pulls mailing lists for a distribution of materials. When you track and record results into data sets you also think differently about what you are looking for inside a database during a marketing campaign.

We help you get better results fast by identifying customer trends.

A great example is a grocery store chain we worked with to identify customer attrition. Using the membership card tracking of 1 store location we identified which customers were increasing their monthly purchases in meat and dairy categories and which customers were reducing their average spending.  By doing this we were able to retain high income by not offering discounts to shoppers increasing spending. We were then able to focus on the only 16,000 people that represented declines in monthly meat and dairy purchases. Those people represented the entire reduced sales of the store and we were able to target relevant coupons and offers to drive increased sales from that group.


If your database is a flat file with very few details then we need to add some details about your customers to help you customer trends to market with so you can keep costs down and results up. This service is call data-append.

We work with several comprehensive consumer databases that give us hundreds of fields of data we can match to the records in your database. We can find buying habits, age of children, marital status, ethnicity, special interests, credit ratings, type of car driven and so much more.  We use some of the same data sources as homeland security.

Once we append the selected data to your database we mine your top clients to create patterns that we chase through the rest of your data. This helps you identify other top clients.  We could also then build additional marketing data-sets from outside data sources to match your top clients.  Then we use all of these special data fields to drive variable content in your personalized printing campaign.  This is where the term “database artists” comes from.


17% of the US population moves every year on average (US Postal Service statistics). So your database is ‘aging” every day and your results are going down every day like a sinking boat. If you don’t keep your database updated with where you customers have moved your results are eventually to just wasted money being thrown in the dumpster.

National Change of Address (NCOA) is a light data-append service that compares your database to the US Postal Service National Change of Address registry.  The US Postal Service stores this information for a maximum 48 months and they now require your list be scrubbed against the NCOA database within 90 days of doing a mailing if you want lower postage rates.

Once your database is cleaned we can help you get it back into your primary data source to save you the headaches and labor cost of intensive data entry.  You need to keep your database up to date but you don’t have to pay a fortune and work long hours to do it.


Once we have your beautiful database built we build maps to display your data for your post forma reporting and historical marketing results binder.  We are also known for our personalized variable direct mail maps and personalized driving directions.


Map tools in CSG Direct Mail Portal

Personalized Printing

Personalized Printing

Personalized Printing Sample

To the average person in the direct marketing industry, personalized printing is how many times you can use a persons name in the direct mail piece or email you may be sending. They seem to never get tired of inserting [First Name] into every line of text in the piece.

“Poppycock” we say!  We’re pros at how to make a direct mail piece feel personal and get better results fast.

True personalized printing is what us pros do to make a direct marketing offer much more attractive, appealing and relevant to the recipient. You need to use not only every bit of data you have about your customer or prospect, you need to dig in to find more, append and analyze what type of people you are dealing with.

The reason most people don’t do this right is “time”.  You need an offer in the mail by Friday and you have your mailing list pull ready so just mail it you say.  We get that, and we do that every day for you too.  However, when the question comes up about what we can do to get a better response, the answer always lies in relevant personalization.

Some colors work better with women than men. Certain food pictures are going to be effective with different people. Beer pictures versus wine pictures for certain clients.  Every single piece of a mailing can look different when you personalize them correctly. You provide the picture assets and we’ll code the data to drive the variable content.

The only thing that excites us more than seeing every piece coming off the press looking unique and relevant to the end recipient, is the results of such a campaign.

CSG Direct Mail lives and breathes to create personalized direct mail for you.

Our Direct Mail Story

From humble beginnings to one of the nation’s foremost innovators in direct mail tracking and data-driven direct mail, CSG Direct Mail has a unique story to tell.

Michael and Lorrie Hemphill

Michael and Lorrie Hemphill

In 1988 Michael Hemphill was working at TRW in the laser print department in Sacramento, California printing variable statements. The laser printing department was coupled with the microfiche re-imaging and direct mail departments. Michael’s experience got noticed by International Mailing Equipment in Sacramento and Michael was hired to be an equipment installer and trainer. International Mailing Equipment grew from 1,000 clients to 4,000 clients during Michael’s time there.

This was intensive training, I was factory trained on all kinds of equipment, became service manager and led our high tech initiatives in direct addressing, barcoding and database management” Michael says. This was the same time the U.S. Postal Service introduced the postnet barcode and Michael was one of the leaders on the West Coast in training his technicians and those 3000 new customers on using postnet barcodes to get postal discounts.

Michael helped companies like Sprint, MCI, Pac Bell, Blue Cross Blue Shield and the California and Nevada State Mailrooms get into automation.  “I have worked in over a thousand mailrooms installing equipment and training employees,” Michael recalls.


Michael moved to Nevada to work with the State of Nevada Mailroom among others and help Nevada casinos take advantage of some of the leading edge database management software available for direct mail. He also became a partner in a local direct mail company. Casinos took notice right away of Michael’s experience and leadership. Several casinos reported response increases up to 30% over traditional responses rates after implementing Michael’s suggestions. “Eventually pallets of materials started showing up in my driveway at my house and they persuaded us to start our own mailshop“.

CSG Direct Mail was born in 1996 and has expanded 10 times since 2005 to the 50,000 square foot Reno-Tahoe facility we are in today. We are fortunate to have worked with thousands of new clients since then. Companies like Raleys, Scolari’s, Silver Legacy, MGM, Facebook, Wells Fargo, Harrah’s Entertainment, Tropicana Entertainment, Atlantis Hotel Casino, Peppermill, Eldorado Hotel Casino, Terribles, Stations Casinos and many others have found success with CSG Direct Mail.

CSG Direct Mail is a Service Company,” Michael proclaims, “It’s ALL about service“. This super-service ideology led CSG Direct Mail to expand and open a Las Vegas plant in 2011 to offer greater service to all our clients in Vegas, Los Angeles and Arizona.

Michael’s knowledge of the “tip of the spear” applications and needs in the direct mail industry has helped CSG Direct Mail create many of the industry’s newest services. His experience with postal barcodes also led to the creation of our revolutionary direct mail tracking systems.

  • America’s 1st LIVE direct mail job tracking portal – 1999
  • – an event marketing site – 2003
  • CSG Bonus Bucks automated direct mail rewards program – 2006
  • America’s 1st LIVE U.S. Mail piece tracking systems – 2008
  • iTunes 1st iPhone/iPad Direct Mail tracking application – 2010
  • Variable Mapping for Direct Mail with QR Codes and CSGurls – 2011

With over 2 decades in personalized variable data and one of the largest digital print teams in Nevada, CSG Direct Mail will continue to provide leading edge services that bring greater results to our clients. With over 25 team members having attained certification by the U.S. Postal Service, CSG Direct Mail is one of the friendliest, yet most experienced direct marketing teams in the industry.